Age Restricted?

Age Restricted?

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It’s an “age” old debate; should children be invited to your wedding or is this an age restricted event?  Couples and their families have debated, argued, and weighed the pros and cons for years.

“Should we put an age restriction on our guests?”
“Should we invite the babes under 3 years of age?” 
“Will this affect our costs?”
“Will the children be a distraction?”
“Is there a safety concern?”
“What if we don’t invite them?  
Will their parents still come or have to leave early?”

Personally, I have always loved to see children at a Wedding.  The sheer excitement of the day, the opportunity to spend time with family, often only seen on these special occasions and to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

When my Husband and I wed in 2010, we had a number of children, under 12 years, at our Wedding and Reception. We couldn't imagine the day without them and made sure there were aspects of our day that would appeal to them, including party favours and bubble guns!  Some amazing photo opportunities resulted!  Ours was to be a family celebration of love and a new life together. 

With that said, I have also planned and attended formal, adult celebrations where I have seen children bored to tears – literally!  Sometimes it’s kinder to make other arrangements for them. 

Is there a right answer?  Yes there is.  It’s up to you!  It all depends on what you want for your day. You need to look at your specific vision for your Wedding Day.  Consider what is best for you and for the children.  Is there a safety concern?  Will they have a good time? Should you invite them for the Ceremony or Reception only?  Consulting with other family members can help take out some of the pressures and anxiety of adding children or excluding them from your guest list but the ultimate decision rests with you and your fiancĂ©.