A Gown by Any Other Colour…

A Gown by Any Other Colour…

William Shakespeare wrote;

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

  By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Thus, should it not stand to reason that a wedding gown by any other colour is still a beauty to behold? 

Last week, I caught an episode of “I Found the Gown” on TLC and was moved by the plight of one young bride who had dubbed herself “different”.  She was searching for a gown that would speak to her heart, encompass her personality and allow her to enjoy her wedding day feeling beautiful and magical.  

She had requested a “Steam-punk” look; Victorian with intricate detail and ‘colour’.  This was not going to be an easy task for the Consultants at Vows.  The only coloured dress they had available was a blush pink - no.  Ivory was also an option but didn't work well for her either.  

Despair was starting to set in as she commented, “I’m back in that situation again where - you’re different and we just don’t have what you need”.

Then the clouds parted as her Consultant produced an amazing black gown.  Uh oh!  Mom and Sister were both adamantly opposed to a black dress.  However, the light that emanated from this bride as she ‘found her gown’ was amazing.  This dress was made for her and she was stunning!  Mom and Sister approved and I can only imagine what a vision she must have been on her wedding day!

The moral of the story?  Although, I myself am usually a traditionalist, I am truly convinced that a bride should wear a dress that speaks to her soul.  I went in search of other wedding gowns that incorporated colour and was amazed by the selection and beauty of these gowns.  

Steam-punk, Gothic, Victorian, Traditionalist, Princess – whoever you are, embrace your own personality and let your light shine from within, especially on your wedding day!