Special Sentiments

Special Sentiments

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I recently had a colleague ask for my advice. She wanted to gift the bride and groom for whom she was wedding planning with a special gift to commemorate their friendship.  

As it turns out, the couple were to be moving thousands of kilometers away following their wedding and honeymoon.  She had considered flowers and wanted to know if I had any other thoughts.  
Here’s what we talked about.

A special gift given on the day of the wedding could get 'lost' in the commotion of the day - so much going on that the sentiment and message you are trying to convey is 'lost'.

Flowers are a lovely idea and could be arranged to be delivered to their new home upon their return, maybe the next day or two to give them time to settle. A plant or shrubbery, they could place in the yard, could signify the start of their new life together and would be cherished for years to come as it grows a flourishes i.e. Lilac.

Another idea would be to send them a bottle of their favourite local wine - a taste of home, if you will. Again, you could arrange for delivery to their new home in time for their arrival. Niagara wineries have some of the best wines in the Country and you could arrange through them i.e. Peller Estates is outstanding and a personal favourite.

A third idea and much more personal is the hand written note – a dying art - sent to their new home to welcome them and bridge the distance between friends. A favourite photo or photo collage from the past could be included as an extra special touch.

No matter what is decided, a personal message to the newlyweds will let them know how much they mean to you and how much the friendship is cherished.  Happy gifting!

It’s always a great day to plan a wedding!