Creating Your Guest List

Creating Your Guest List - 

Tips from Your Pro’s at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

One of the biggest challenges couples face is creating their wedding guest list.  Each side may have their own ideas of who they would like to invite and how big the wedding could or should be.  It’s a good idea to have an open discussion with your fiancĂ© and parents on both sides, in the early planning phases – even if you are planning to pay for the wedding yourselves. 

Some general guidelines to take the stress out of the process:

Venue Planners and Wedding Planners - What's the difference?

Venue Planners and Wedding Planners

Tips from your Pros at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

Venues often have in house event/wedding coordinators available to assist you in all venue related planning and event day coordination.  They are valuable members of your wedding team and work in close connection with your personal professional wedding planner/day of coordinator. Make sure you connect them early on in the planning process.

Why ABC?

Tips from your Pros at Kenneth Robert Entertainment…

What an ABC Certified 
Professional Wedding Planner (PWP) 
means to you?

Since 1955 the Association of Bridal Consultants is the only association dedicated exclusively to serving brides and wedding professionals worldwide.

Hair and Makeup Tip

Quick Tips from your Pros at Kenneth Robert Entertainment…

Scheduling a Hair & Makeup Trial?

Try to schedule your hair and makeup trial for a day that you know you will be going out for the evening.

This way, you really get to test your hair and makeup and see how they will stand up at your Wedding Reception!

Attending Bridal Shows

Quick Tips from your Pros at Kenneth Robert Entertainment…

Attending a bridal show?

Pre-print labels with your name, your fiancé's
name, your email address and wedding date.
When you meet a vendor you would like to hear
from specifically, it's easy to leave your contact
information and you don't have to say it out loud.

Quick, easy and private!

Let the Numbers Game Begin!

You are engaged!Now we begin the numbers game

When do we want to get married and where?  What time of day?  Should it be early afternoon or in the evening as the sun sets?  The first thing you need to decide upon and book (well in advance in some cases) are the venues for your ceremony and reception.  You also need to make sure your officiant is available for your chosen date and time. 

How Important is Your Wedding DJ?

How Important is Your Wedding DJ?

Tips from your Pros at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

Congratulations, you are getting married and planning your ultimate reception!  This is where your guests come together to celebrate your commitment to one another and the new life you are about to embark on. 

So what is on the agenda? Cocktails? Dinner? Speeches? Dancing? Your vision for your reception will dictate the mood and flow for the evening.  It’s now imperative that the professionals you are counting on can deliver and meet your expectations.