Attending Bridal Shows - Our Top 10 Tips

Attending Bridal Shows - Our Top 10 Tips

Tips from Your Pro’s at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

It’s a rite of passage – the big bridal show!  Whether you just updated your status to ‘engaged’ or have been planning for months or years, every bride deserves to experience the big bridal show.  While there is high value in attending these show and meeting your prospective vendors up close, it can be overwhelming.  

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the bridal show experience:

1. Know what to expect – there will be wall to wall vendors vying for your time and attention. It is impossible to give them all the time they are looking for.  Try to spend time with the vendors you are truly looking to hire. 
2. Go with a list of what you really want to accomplish, i.e. cake vendor.  This way, you can focus your attention on seeing and meeting these vendors first.
3. Set up a dedicated email address for you and your fiancé for all your wedding planning.  This keeps your personal email secure and provides both of you with access to all your plans and contacts.
4. Set up folders within your email for each of the vendors you are going to be working with, i.e. photographer, videographer, venue, DJ, etc.  This provides easy filing as email start to arrive and easy sourcing once you are ready to respond.
5. Do not leave your phone number with vendors unless you are confident that you will be working with them or definitely want to hear from them again.  Vendors, however well meaning, can be relentless in their pursuit of securing your business.  Your phone number should only be shared if you are prepared to answer the calls.
6. Pre-print sheet labels (address labels) with your name, your fiancé’s name, your wedding date and dedicated email address.  This makes it easy to leave your information with vendors you wish to hear from without having to write it out over and over again or say it aloud in public areas (security).  Include your phone number on a selection of some labels – see tip number 4.
7. There will be samples and swag!  Be prepared to carry a bag around for the day or bring a couple of friends to help you share the load.
8. Limit the number in your entourage.  Keeping track of 12 people can be distracting and stressful.  Include your closest and most trusted; Mom, MOH, favorite Aunt etc. or just make it a trip for you and your fiancé to savor together.  
9. Take in the fashion show!  One of the highlights of any bridal show is the fashion show.  Even if you already have your dress, an accessory or floral arrangement may catch your eye!
10. Wear comfortable shoes.  It’s a lot of walking!

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