DJ Questions to Ask

“The success of your event depends on the quality of your entertainment!”
~Ken Peat, Director of Event Technology - Kenneth Robert Entertainment~

Tips from Your Pro’s at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

It’s surprising to learn that there are many different types of DJ’s available and not all are suited to all events.  Experience is key.  Will your DJ be able to live up to your expectations for your wedding? 
Do they have the music knowledge necessary to be able to play diverse sets of music to please all generations?  Will they be able to handle announcements with finesse and grace?  Are they familiar with your traditions and can they help keep your event flowing, on time and your dance floor filled?  It’s a tall order.  Your favourite DJ from the club or best friend who loves to play music, may not be the right host for your most important event to date.

Our Top Questions to ask your prospective DJ

1.    What is the DJ’s credentials? i.e. full time, active member of a professional association, CML (Connect Music License), liability insured, use industry standard equipment, etc.

2.    Do they provide a written agreement and what is included?  i.e. do they provide coverage in case of illness/accident, is backup equipment readily available, etc.  No contract = no deal!  Be sure to read all the details before signing and/or providing a deposit.

3.    Will they meet with you in person to help you plan your reception?  i.e. in home/office meetings and music reviews, reception planning sessions. Do not sign a contract for something as important as a wedding reception without a face to face meeting! Beware of companies that overbook and sub-contract, you then have no idea who your Disc Jockey will be, what they look like or if they are a good fit for your event.

4.    What will they do at your reception that makes the service unique? i.e. creative ideas for customizing and personalizing your reception, can they keep your guests attention, etc. Each Disc Jockey has his/her own personality, skills and ideas, so take the time to find the person who will best meet your needs.

5.    Do they coordinate your reception with you?  i.e. checklist, online planners, willing to work with other vendors to keep them informed, etc.  Whether the Disc Jockey wants to coordinate or not, they are the first person everybody looks to for direction.

6.    Will their attire be appropriate for your reception?  i.e. black tie for a formal affair, jeans and cowboy boots for a western themed reception, classic vintage for a Gatsby inspired event, etc.

7.    Do they have company standards that govern their behavior? i.e. mission statement, code of ethics, references, etc.  Beware of the missing Disc Jockey…

8.    Are there any hidden charges? i.e. extra for wireless microphone, additional speakers for larger rooms or additional rooms/foyers, planning meetings, travel, specific music requests, etc. 

9.    Can they provide references? i.e. previous clients, accreditation, industry awards, etc.

10. Do they have the skills to deliver announcements that are clear and direct?  i.e. public speaking experience, speech or voice training, etc. If you’ve ever seen someone try to get a crowd’s attention without the proper vocal skills, then we need not say more. The person you choose as your Disc Jockey will be your spokesperson representing you to your guests. 
p.s. Beware of the mic kisser!

Remember, there are no ‘do overs’ on your wedding day.  Make sure you have asked all the right questions and put all the right players in place to have the best wedding reception possible and create your special memories that will last a lifetime!

Stress-free Planning the KRE way!