Traditional Wedding Vows v2

Double rainbow - photo by Suzanne Peat
Traditional Wedding Vows v2 - from your Pros at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

Some Celtic Wedding Traditions we love…
Ah, the luck of the Irish.  Good or bad omens, spiritual symbolism, blessings and superstitions; the Celts are rich with wedding myths and legends. 
Not my favorite but let’s start with a poem about what day of the week is best to be wed…

Traditional Wedding Vows v1

Photo by Suzanne L Peat - Kenneth Robert Entertainment

Embracing the Beauty of Words

-for all generations-

Whether you are planning a civil, spiritual or religious wedding ceremony, using elements from traditional vows that have withstood the test of time; passed down from generation to generation,  is a beautiful way to express your love for one another.

Let's Party with Spring!

Let's Party with Spring! - Tips on Spring Flowers from Kenneth Robert Entertainment

“Spring is Nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party’!” ~ Robin Williams~

And who doesn’t love a good party?

Planning Tips for Eco-Chic Weddings

Photo by Suzanne L Peat,
GOING GREEN - Planning Tips for Eco-friendly Weddings
by Suzanne L Peat, PWP - Kenneth Robert Entertainment

Being ‘green’ is easier than you think, despite the" frog’s" claims to the contrary.  More and more couples are looking at their carbon footprint and opting for eco-friendly options in their everyday lives.  Why not include these same practices as they start their life together and celebrate their wedding day with family and friends? Being eco-chic can also save you money while you are doing your part to save our planet.

Our Favourite Trends for Spring 2016!

Our Favourite Trends for Spring 2016! 
Tips from Your Pro’s at Kenneth Robert Entertainment

With changing weather and changing seasons, come changing trends we love or don’t love.

Every couple has their own ideas about how they would like to celebrate their momentous day; reflect their individual personalities as well as their personality as a newlywed couple.