Planning Tips for Eco-Chic Weddings

Photo by Suzanne L Peat,
GOING GREEN - Planning Tips for Eco-friendly Weddings
by Suzanne L Peat, PWP - Kenneth Robert Entertainment

Being ‘green’ is easier than you think, despite the" frog’s" claims to the contrary.  More and more couples are looking at their carbon footprint and opting for eco-friendly options in their everyday lives.  Why not include these same practices as they start their life together and celebrate their wedding day with family and friends? Being eco-chic can also save you money while you are doing your part to save our planet.
  • Source local wedding venues and vendors and ask if they have ‘green’ or eco-friendly options.  Using local vendors limits drive time and fuel consumption for deliveries and set-up.  
  • Consider hosting your ceremony and reception in a centralized location, close to the majority of your guests.  Many venues offer the option of hosting your ceremony and reception in the same location, once again, reducing carbon emissions.  
  • Look for venues with low flow toilets, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, eco-friendly lighting, etc.
  • Request seasonal, organic, grass-fed/free range, fair labour and sustainable food options.
  • Donate leftovers to a local shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Keep the eco in D├ęcor, utilize recycled glass, natural elements or punched tin for centrepieces, candlelight and floral arrangements.
  • Ask for linen’s made from organic-dyed materials such as cotton, linen and burlap.
  • Beeswax or soy candles burn cleaner and smell amazing!  Make sure there is no lead in the wick! 
  • LED to light the way!  LED lighting is low voltage, cost effective with many dramatic colour choices and effects.
Photo by Suzanne L Peat, Graydon Hall ballroom with LED up-lighting by
  • Use potted floral and non-floral plants that can be transplanted or locally grown organic flowers for centrepieces. Think succulents, floral Cactus, African Violet, etc.
Photo by Suzanne L Peat, home grown floral arrangement from Sian & Ian's wedding 2015
  • Eco-friendly guest favors such as mini trees, personalized seed packets, edible treats or donations to an eco-cause in lieu of a guest favor.
  • Use recycled, post-consumer waste paper or tree-free paper with soy based inks and dyes, for invitations, guest cards and menu cards.  
  • Limit the number of menu cards per table.
  • Consider digital save-the-date, Jack and Jill, bridal shower & stag invitations.
  • Replace guest cards with a guest seating chart that can be kept and mounted at a later date.
Photo by Suzanne L Peat, Aaron & Kate's wedding guest seating chart 2015
Talk to your wedding planner about substitutions and options to make your day in white as green as it can be!