Where do we start?

Where do we start? Info-graphic provided by Suzanne L Peat, PWP

Where do we start?

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Whether you have been planning your wedding since the time you could walk and talk, or if you are only really just thinking about it now, many couples can feel overwhelmed with the planning process. 

“We don’t even know where to start”, 
is commonly heard from newly engaged couples when they approach me.

To help our couples get started, we ask a serious of questions to help them with the planning process.  This also helps us to get to know our couples better and puts us all in a wonderful position to create the best wedding experience possible.

1.  Set your budget!  Setting a budget of how much you are willing to invest on your wedding is a good place to start.  It can set the tone for an intimate wedding with a few treasured family and friends or a gala wedding including all of the people who are important to both of you. What are you willing to spend and what needs to be done in order to make those dreams a reality?

2.  What time of year would you like to get married?  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; there is something to be said for each season of the year.  I always laugh when I hear someone say, “it’s wedding season” as I consider every day of the year “wedding season”.  Pinterest is full of ideas from Ice Hockey Winter Weddings to Summer Boho Chic Weddings.  The question is, what is your preferred season?  It could be the month of the year that you met or a specific family event month that is meaningful to both of you.  Don’t get hung up on “wedding season”.

3.  Are you specifically hoping for a Saturday or are you open to other days of the week, i.e. Friday night or Sunday?  If you aren’t “married” to the idea of being married on a Saturday, there are six other days of the week to consider.  You may find that you can save a great deal of money by embracing one of these options.  My parents were married on a Thursday evening and went to work the next day!  While I’m not suggesting that, there are many options available if you are looking for a cocktail type reception, a reception only following a destination wedding or an afternoon reception with a special luncheon with speeches and light dancing.  

4.  For those who would like a larger celebration, consider a wedding weekend that incorporates an extended celebration starting on Thursday or Friday evening and ending on Saturday or Sunday.  This is a great way for family and friends that have traveled extensive distances to celebrate with you, and spend some extra time with you and one another.

5.  Do you have an idea for a theme you would like? Some couples like to follow a specific theme, like Cinderella fairy-tale, Gatsby inspired or even Star Wars (it’s a thing). Others may have specific colour choices in mind and this sets the tone for the overall feel of your day, i.e. black and gold (elegant and dramatic) or pastels (soft and romantic).  What speaks to your heart?

6.  What kind of venue would you like to be married in?  The world is you oyster; church, backyard, banquet hall, historical building i.e. Parkwood Estate or Casa Loma, or the Distillery District.  Keep in mind that venue choice will impact your overall budget.

7.  Do you have an officiant in mind?  Some couples choose to marry in their family church and are specific about the pastor/reverend/minister who will perform the ceremony.  Others want a non-secular but spiritual ceremony and opt for a qualified officiant or a close friend/family member who is licensed to wed.

8.  What kind of reception do you envision?Do you want a classic dinner and dance, a cocktail type reception or an afternoon reception with less formality?  

With planning now, you are already off to a great start by 
seeking advice and starting the process.  

~Suzanne L Peat, Professional Wedding Planner~