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Christmas Angel

re·joice /rəˈjois/ verb- feel or show great joy or delight.

Yup, that pretty much sums up my state of mind during Christmas, the holidays, New Year; joy and delight. Not all the time, that would be a little strange, but in my heart and mind for most of the time. 
Christmas was always a magical time as a child. I couldn’t wait for the day that the big white box with the faded green image of tree would resurface from its eleven month slumber in the far reaches of our basement. I think the ‘far reaches’ was for the benefit of safe storage of said tree, away from a precocious child who wanted Christmas every day.  
Tree decorating day would usually find me bouncing off the walls of our cozy home in Montreal East. My poor parents! From classic glass ornaments to silk stranded covered balls and cute figurines that spoke of Christmas, winter and rejoicing, we had them all. Sparkling tinsel and accordion style garland in bright metallic colours, adorned the walls of our home and brought …
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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ―Plato
Yesterday was a special day. 
Ken and I are approaching our 10th Wedding Anniversary (January 2) and I wanted to mark our milestone with a special gift to honour our years together and build on our future to come. 

Ken has always loved music and used to play a Wurlitzer in his youth so a piano keyboard has been in his heart for many years. When we happened upon this lovely gem while Christmas shopping together, I knew it had to come home with us but we would need to get the truck as my Fiat just wouldn’t do the job!
24 hours later we were un-crating, assembling and plugging in to the glorious sound of piano music in our home.  We sat side by side as Ken tutored me through “The Entertainer” and “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  
We played and laughed and danced and sang together till the wee hours of the morning.  Novice at best but, what fun!   My Ukulele is tuned (need to brush up on …

"Plus One"

Are you including a ‘plus one’ option on the R.S.V.P.?

One of the most stressful tasks facing couples as they plan for their Wedding day is the guest list; who to invite, how many guests can they afford, is there a minimum or maximum allowed at the venue of choice, and so on.

Our top ten tips to create a guest list that is affordable, reduce stress and will add joy to the Wedding day.

Start with your dream Wedding in mind - do you want an intimate wedding with only a select few of your closest family and friends, a no expense spared gala or something in-between?Allot a certain number to parents on both sides (if they are involved) - this helps with including your parents and the people they are closest to (even if you aren't) to ensure they have a great time tooFind out the per person dollar number for your venue - some venues have minimum guest count requirements, others do not.  One way to get around this if your venue is insisting on 100 guests for a particular room, and you only …

Selecting a Wedding Photographer

When you’re working late and glance up from your client files to see this... 

When selecting our photographer for our wedding, we wanted to find someone we were comfortable with and who would capture our day in a photo journalism style vs many posed photos. This is one of my fav’s as we are lining up the ‘receiving line’ (yes, it’s still a thing) but we were more focused on one another!

We interviewed several photographers before agreeing to an Engagement shoot with the Photographers we were most comfortable with.  We were looking for photo memories that we would look back on often; something timeless and heartfelt.  With neither one of us, overly comfortable on the pictured end of a camera, we were a little nervous about the process and what to expect.

After postponing the Engagement shoot a few times, it was crunch time as we were down to two months before the Wedding date. We had to see it through.  

The result?  We had a blast!  There was laughter, tears, serious moments and genuine s…